Sound Design


When direct-from-disk sample playback became possible in the early 2000’s, Geoffrey created Plectrum, an entirely new type of sample library, built from prepared acoustic instruments and found sounds presented as tuned, playable keyboard instruments using no synthesis whatsoever other than traditional pitch shifting.   Learn More

Dimension Art

Geoffrey recently completed this collection of Cypher2 sounds designed for the Roli Seaboard. Cypher2 is an analog modeling synthesizer with a powerful engine and precision implementation – a perfect compliment to the expressive physical control available on the Seaboard. Find out more here. See below for Geoffrey’s patch demo. The visualizer shows initial velocity (blue circle) current pressure (white circle) plus the x (pitch) and y (timbre modulation) dimensions of the fingers on the seaboard. Enjoy!

Roli Seaboard

Geoffrey was one of the first to receive the amazing Seaboard Rise, and has been working with Roli to program sounds which take advantage of the multiple dimensions of touch response it provides. Below is an experimental session where the acoustic samples from Plectrum were combined with the Equator synth engine to create some wonderful virtual instruments.