About Geoffrey

Geoffrey Gee makes music in the moment for the moment. Every performance is unique–a structured, spontaneous response to the time and place of his playing. His fluency in a wide range of styles and his willingness to be open in the present draw listeners into his creative process. Whether playing for a large concert audience, an intimate club crowd, or students in a classroom, Geoffrey offers a memorable experience of music-making that inspires listeners to make their own. KEYBOARD MAGAZINE hailed Mr. Gee’s music as “serious, passionate solo piano, beautifully recorded and very listenable… the sense of rubato and the touch have a classical inspiration – Satie in the more withdrawn moments, Moussorgsky in the darker rumbles.” His solo appearances include major concerts at Harvard University, Berklee College of Music, Scullers Jazz Club in Boston. He made his Carnegie Hall debut at Weill Recital Hall in 2015.

Geoffrey is also an established sound designer, responsible for voicing many of the sounds found in acclaimed professional synthesizers, digital pianos and software instruments from companies such as Synthogy and Sonivox and Kurzweil. His own software instrument Plectrum has been embraced by keyboardists and composers around the world for its beautiful acoustic timbres and playable voicing. Emmy-winning composer Joel McNeely called it “simply the most musical and interesting set of samples that I have ever used.”

LaMothe Gee Family

In 2005 Geoffrey, his partner Kimerer LaMothe, and their growing family moved to Upstate New York with a mission to create art that that awakens our senses to our dependence on the natural world, and inspires us to create the mutually-enabling relationships we need with each other and the earth in order to unfold what we have to give. Read more at the original Vital Arts site…

banner photo from Carnegie Hall by Stephanie Berger